Aesthetic procedures have become firmly established in modern medicine. Body
contouring is one of the most requested cosmetic procedures today and is projected
to grow globally each year. Precision and medical expertise are becoming
increasingly essential in meeting the current needs of today’s patients. Physicians
must stay current through high-level exchange and cooperation. This requires
continuous communication among specialists, as well as advanced training for
new colleagues, in order to take advantage of the most recent advances in treatment
techniques and technologies.

The Academy’s professional excellence stems from its members. In cooperation
with international laser societies, the Academy offers an innovative and integrative
network for aesthetic surgery and medicine. Ultimately this exchange of
information will benefit patients, who are highly informed and well educated
and, as a result, demand competent advice and high quality care. We are pleased
to invite interested colleagues to one of our Academy programs held in
various international cities. Don´t hesitate to contact us for further information.


The International Academy of Body Contouring and Laser Lipolysis